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Mushroom good for ovarian cysts, an STUT study reveals


Eating Judas' ear mushrooms helps alleviate the symptoms of polycystic ovarian cysts, according to a recent clinical experiment conducted by a research team at the Southern Taiwan University of Technology (STUT) in Tainan County in cooperation with the Kuo General Hospital in Tainan City.

Polycystic ovarian cysts syndrome (POSC) is a rare reproductive disorder affecting young women, which is characterized by abnormal menstruation, signs of virilization (increased facial hair), weight gain and acne. Patients with POSC are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases and cancer, said Chen Chi-chen (陳啟楨), chairman of STUT's Department of Biotechnology.

Under the sponsorship of the National Science Council, the research team simultaneously used various edible fungi species, including ganoderma, antrodia camphorata, Judas' ear mushroom and Phellinus linteus, to study their effectiveness in the treatment of diseases, Chen said, adding that Judas' ear mushrooms have been proven to be effective in improving POSC symptoms.


Under the clinical trials, 61 patients with POSC at the hospital were divided into two groups, with one taking prescription drugs in addition to Judas' ear components, while the other took prescriptions plus a placebo.

As a result, the clinical experiment confirms that the mushrooms have a therapeutic effect as POSC patients who received the components showed significant improvement in symptoms, including weight loss, regular periods, normal insulin secretion and acne improvement, Chen said.


He said that the research results and relevant reports have been published in various domestic medical magazines and will be contributed to other magazines in the US.

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