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Hau Lung-bin uses bills to deny Frank Hsieh's claims


Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Taipei mayoral candidate Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) presented water and electricity bill receipts yesterday in a bid to disprove allegations leveled at him by his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) opponent.

DPP Taipei mayoral candidate Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) had claimed that, as a former premier, Hau's father Hau Pei-tsun's (郝柏村) utility bills have been paid by the government and that both Haus had made use of a state-owned dormitory at 315 Fulin Road.

Showing receipts for water and electricity bills for a residence at 317 Fulin Road that he paid at a 7-Eleven, Hau Lung-bin yesterday asked Hsieh how it would be possible for him to pay the bills with government money at a convenience store.

Hau Lung-bin threatened to file a lawsuit against Hsieh and demanded an apology.

The KMT mayoral candidate said that it was well known that he lives at 317 Fulin Road, while his father lives at 315 Fulin Road. Hau Lung-bin added that former premier Yu Shyi-kun had visited him at No. 317 when he had decided to resign as head of the Environmental Protection Administration.

Hau Lung-bin said Hsieh's smear campaign was a smokescreen that could not absolve Hsieh of his involvement in irregularities in connection with the construction of the Kaoshiung mass rapid transit system.

In response, Hsieh yesterday urged Hau Lung-bin to give the public a detailed account of how he had paid his water and electricity bills over the years. Hsieh added that Hau Lung-bin was using another big lie to cover up his previous lies.

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