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Ligi Lee threatens to expose spy to get back at Chen


The businesswoman at the center of an array of allegations against the president claimed she knew the identity of a top Taiwanese spy in China, threatening to expose him or her if the president did not admit his "wrongdoing."

Ligi Lee (李慧芬) said yesterday that if President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) "sacrifices" her cousin Lee Bi-chun (李碧君) to cover up what she called Chen's misdeeds, then she will expose the identity of a spy code-named "Huangpu No. 1," whose intelligence-gathering services she said Chen retains in Shanghai.

Ligi Lee arrived in Taiwan from Australia on Thursday.

"Chen said himself there is a very important undercover agent in Shanghai, and we've?code-named this person Huangpu No. 1," Lee told reporters at a press conference yesterday at the Legislative Yuan.

She said that Huangpu No. 1 is a successful Taiwanese businessperson with connections to the Australian government, and is good friends with Chen and former?deputy Presidential Office?general secretary Chen Yung-cheng (馬永成).

"This person is the kind of friend who would make sacrifices for friends, but I don't believe that the person would sacrifice his or her own family for a corrupt government," Lee said, as KMT Legislator Chiu?Yi (邱毅) stood at her side.

Lee?said that she was "very angry" that her cousin Lee Bi-chun was listed as the only defendant in a case brought by prosecutors regarding the alleged misuse?of a secret presidential slush fund.

She said that Prosecutor Chen Jui-jen (陳瑞仁) of the Black Gold Investigation Center had warned her that the legal consequences of revealing the identity of Huangpu No. 1 would be "unthinkable," but added that she would "sacrifice" the spy if Chen "sacrificed" Lee Bi-chun.

Ligi Lee also said that the "South Route Project"?did not exist and was created by the first family to cover?up their wrongdoing.

Lee was referring to the project in which the government reportedly commissioned an investor based in Australia to work to enhance the relationship between Taiwan and that country.

Lee also told reporters that the "Australian government" privately told her that it didn't approve of secret diplomacy, and that many "Australian-based Taiwanese representatives" had told her that the project was a farce.

She provided no evidence in support of her claims.

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