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Banciao City fines military police over disused building

HAZARD According to the local government, the military police have neglected one of their buildings so badly that it poses a risk to the public


The Banciao City Government fined the military police yesterday for failing to maintain a building in the city for a period of more than 10 years, the media reported yesterday.

Banciao Mayor Chiang Hui-chen (江惠貞) said the military police would be fined NT$6,000 each day until they cleaned up the disused facility, according to a report in the Chinese-language United Evening News.

Chiang was quoted in the story as saying that she was very upset about the military police's attitude when the government broached the topic.

The disused building has become a haven for drug addicts and homeless people, which creates problems for public safety, Chiang said.

"The military police? They don't care about the issue," Banciao City sanitary team leader Chung Mao-sung (鍾茂松) said.

Chung said the Banciao government had fined a government agency for similar reasons in the past. As the fines were levied on a daily basis, the agency had "solved" the problem immediately he said.

"In this instance, we will definitely do the same thing," he said.

Chung said that tiles were beginning to fall off the military police building and several had hit pedestrians. After the city government notified the military police of the problem, it had simply covered the building with a big tarpaulin, he said.

"We tried to talk to them but they just ignored us," Chiang said.

"So I have asked the sanitary team to take care of the situation. We will fine them until they begin to take care of their own problem," he said.

An anonymous military police officer was quoted in the media report as saying that the whole thing was "a misunderstanding."

"We have plans for all our abandoned properties. They will either be leased out or torn down and rebuilt. There must be plans for this building too, but I have no idea how far advanced they are," the official said.

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