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Daughter donates 60 percent of her liver to save father


When Hung Yu-ching's (洪玉靜) 56-year-old father suddenly contracted hepatitis, she decided to donate part of her liver to help save her father's life.

A woman's liver is generally smaller than a man's, which makes it riskier for a woman to donate part of a liver, but Hung said it was worth the extra risk so long as she could help save her father.

Local media reports said that Hung's father suffered from bleeding gums, a problem that suddenly deteriorated into hepatitis and a hepatic coma.

Liver pact

The father's four daughters quickly transferred him to the Tri-Service General Hospital, and Hung Yu-ching and her older sister agreed that the more compatible of the two women should donate part of a liver to save their father, the report said.

Doctors had first planned to give Hung liver dialysis so that he could emerge from the coma and recover some strength before surgery.

But two days later, Hung once again fell into a coma and the doctors decided to speed things up and go ahead with the transplant, the report said.

Because Yu-ching's elder sister is overweight, doctors were reportedly worried that she would have a fatty liver, and so decided to use Hung Yu-ching's liver instead.

60 percent

When the transplant was finished, doctors had given her father 650g, or 60 percent, of her liver.

Her father only became aware of his daughter's kind act after coming out of his coma after the operation.

Hung Yu-ching, 29, stayed in hospital for a week after the operation. After returning home, she took two months off from work because of fatigue resulting from the increased load on her liver.

"Seeing my father move around and talk made it all worthwhile," Hung Yu-ching, now fully recovered, was quoted as saying.

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