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Ditch fantasies about China, president says

DEADLOCK In his weekly e-newsletter, Chen Shui-bian said that no matter which party rules the nation, Beijing's ambitions toward it remain the same

By Chiu Yu-tzu  /  STAFF REPORTER

Claiming that China is not going to change its policy toward Taiwan no matter how much goodwill Taiwan extends, President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday called on the public to ditch their fantasies about China.

"My experience over the past six years shows that whichever party rules Taiwan it is the same to China -- unless we were to accept unification," Chen said in the latest issue of his e-newsletter, which is to be published today.

The president made the comments in an article dedicated to cross-strait negotiation pioneers -- China's Wang Daohan (汪道涵), its top negotiator with Taiwan who died last month, and the late Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) chairman Koo Chen-fu (辜振甫), who passed away in December 2004.

Wang, the president of China's Association of Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), held the first high-level cross-strait talks with Koo.

Chen said in the article that China has moved back to the "one China" principle, which inevitably results in a deadlock in cross-strait relations.

"Many people attribute the friction between the two sides to what Taiwan says and does. However, the fact is that China's totalitarian dictatorship has barricaded the road leading to peaceful cross-strait relations," Chen said.

China is determined to nullify Taiwan's sovereignty, turning it into a special administrative region like Hong Kong, he said.

Chen mentioned China's animosity in detail in the article. He said that Beijing's unchanged ambition to annex Taiwan can be observed in a white paper from August 1993 titled "The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China."

The paper was released in eight languages to promote unification.

Furthermore, former Chinese president Jiang Zemin's (江澤民) eight-point proposal for the development of cross-strait relations of August 1993 sets the "one China" principle as the basis of unification and places cross-strait relations into the framework of a "relationship between the principal and the subordinate."

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