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Battle over Peng blackmail VCD is played out in court

THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT The mystery disc has now 'disappeared,' and there are growing doubts over whether it really existed


A court hearing was held on Thursday in which comedian Peng Chia-chia (澎恰恰), actress Lu Ching (盧靚) and others involved in an alleged VCD blackmail scandal confronted one another for the first time since Peng revealed that he was being blackmailed over a naked video of him three weeks ago.

Lu said during the session in court that she no longer possessed the original VCD, which differed from what she said previously in an interview with Next Magazine (壹周刊) earlier this week.

During the half-hour session, in which Lu and Peng confronted each other, Peng denied that she had ever bullied her, causing Lu to break down and say that she had neither the video nor the VCD.

In an effort to prove that Peng had indeed harassed her, Lu showed the provocative text messages that he had allegedly sent, with some saying that Peng was "waiting for her in his room" and others asking why she wouldn't reply to his messages.


However, both Peng and Lu denied having sexual intercourse despite the messages.

Lu did not present the VCD during the session and said that the VCD was not present in court and would never be seen again. It was unclear whether she meant that the video had been destroyed or that it had never existed.

Peng did not press charges over the filming of the VCD or the alleged blackmailing, and the prosecutors have not yet found evidence relating to such offenses.

Ever since the start of the scandal, Peng has received support from friends within entertainment circles, while Lu, instead of earning sympathy, has been subject to considerable criticism.

Chiang Hsia (江霞), head of Chinese Television System (CTS) and an actress for decades before stepping into the ranks of management, said that judging from her past acting experience, it seemed to her that Lu was "dishonest" and that her sobbing "seemed like acting."

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