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Dissident decries China's draft law

`SCHEME' China's draft anti-secession law raises cross-strait tensions and Taiwan should move to strengthen ties with the US, Wei Jingsheng said


Prominent Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng (魏京生), who has lived in exile overseas in recent years, said on Saturday that Beijing's proposed anti-secession law is a scheme to seek legal justification for a military invasion of Taiwan.

Wei was in Washington on Saturday to attend an anti-Chinese communist rally staged by about 30 Chinese groups in the US calling for Chinese around the world to end communism.

In light of Beijing's drafting of the anti-secession law, Wei said cross-strait relations are now even more jittery than during 1996, when China test-fired live missiles and held live-ammunition war games in the Taiwan Strait.

Wei said that some politicians in Taiwan had thought that after Hu Jintao (胡錦濤) replaced Jiang Zemin (江澤民) as China's president, Beijing's attitude toward Taiwan would become milder. As a matter of fact, he said, the communtists' "true colors" have surfaced once again, in the recent planning of the anti-secession law.

Invading Taiwan is a "big deal" and there have been many voices opposed to the notion in China in the past. However, Wei said, it is increasingly noticeable in recent years that the Chinese leadership is attempting to "cook" the Chinese people's patriotism by taking advantage of rising pro-independence sentiment within Taiwan.

To pave the way for the communists to teach Taiwan a lesson militarily, the Beijing leadership has thought about enacting the anti-secession law, Wei said.

Meanwhile, Wei said some people in Taiwan believe China will not attack Taiwan militarily based on economic considerations.

Wei urged these people not to harbor such beliefs any longer, saying that the communists, as a whole, are basically a daring group willing to take risks. Wei noted that some 50 years ago, the communists had managed to defeat the Chinese Nationalist forces and take control of the whole of China simply because they "dared to."

Believing that Beijing's passing of the anti-secession law is an irreversible trend, Wei suggested that Taiwan adjust its foreign policy and work to strengthen bilateral exchanges with the US and other countries so as to win their support.

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