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Internal struggle in DPP calms down after apology


A recent internal struggle in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) calmed down yesterday when New Tide convener Tuan Yi-kang (段宜康) apologized to Justice Alliance Legislator Lin Chung-mo (林重謨) for calling him a "clown" a few days ago.

The internal struggle started last week when Lin challenged the New Tide's recent criticism of the government as an attempt to secure government posts, and Tuan in return said, "A clown like Lin Chung-mo should not use the occasion of the party-chairman election to gain publicity."

Tuan yesterday said that he was enraged when he called Lin a clown and it was inappropriate of him to attack Lin's character.

He then offered Lin a public apology.

"I seldom use such words to insult someone, especially other party members, and I have reflected on this and thought it was inappropriate," Tuan said.

"It was inappropriate to attack Lin's character with such an insult, and I am willing to offer a public apology," he said.

On the question of whether Lin had the right to run for chairman, Tuan also changed his attitude and said that any party member had the right to do so.

Lin, on the other hand, said he did not mind Tuan's previous statement and offering an apology was not an issue.

"The party's solidarity and image are more important and whether Tuan should apologize or not -- to quote what A-bian once said, `Is the matter this serious?'" Lin said.

"About the so-called DPP internal struggle, I don't think there really is a struggle among the factions. I am playing the role of a `correcter' of some kind," he said.

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