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No reason to worry about relations with US: Chiou

By Huang Tai-lin  /  STAFF REPORTER

National Security Council Secretary-General Chiou I-jen (邱義仁) yesterday said Taiwan-US relations have entered a new "grinding period" and there is no miscommunication between the two sides.

Chiou also said analysts and political observers should cease analyzing Taiwan-US ties with an "old fashioned perspective."

Admitting that "the US in the past had not quite understood our position," Chiou yesterday said that is no longer the case and that "the US now understands us."

Chiou explained the process by which Taiwan and the US deal with issues of interest to both parties.

"What's important is that both sides have a mutual understanding of each other," Chiou said. "If an issue arises, the US should first confirm [with Taiwan] whether it is a new issue, or whether it is an issue that has already been discussed in that past, and that both parties have reached a consensus."

"The US just wants to know that when issues arise, whether they are in line with the message which we have conveyed to it before," Chiou said, adding that Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) consistently upheld his "five noes" pledge.

Chiou also said while the US welcomes Taiwan's democratization, it also has to face the rising of "Taiwanese identity," which comes along with the nation's democratic progress.

"With regard to democratic development and the rise of a `Taiwan consciousness,' it is something that cannot be cut into two separate issues," Chiou said.

In response to remarks made by Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Lin Cho-shui (林濁水) who said "Taiwan has maxed out its credit with the US," and" everyone knows that [US President George W.] Bush is unsatisfied with Chen," Chiou said Lin's remarks were "far from the truth."

"There are all kinds of messages and all kinds of assessments, one cannot say how good [Taiwan-US relations] are, nor can they exaggerate how bad [Taiwan-US relations] are," said Chiou.

Stating that he was surprised by the remarks made by Lin, Chiou said "what these people say is simply reproducing remarks they heard from other people. Who among these people has direct contact with the people around Bush?"

"It is not good to spread words in such a way," Chiou added, saying that Lin should not belittle the efforts of the Chen administration.

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