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Typhoon Songda heading for Taiwan, CWB says

WILD WEATHER As northern Taiwan continues clean-up efforts in the aftermath of Typhoon Aere, the CWB warned of another powerful typhoon approaching the east coast


As Typhoon Songda gathers strength and lurches closer to the nation, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) called on the public to brace for a possible storm on Monday or Tuesday of next week. The CWB said that they will likely issue sea storm warnings as early as today.

Looming Threat

The CWB predicted that Typhoon Songda, packing strong winds of 400kph, will impact northern areas some time next week.

As Typhoon Songda approaches, showers over Taiwan's northern and eastern parts are expected.

The CWB said if necessary, they will give advice about evacuation to the government within 24 hours. "We are monitoring the path of Songda around the clock. If it will sweep through mountain areas and cause landslides, we will report the danger to the National Disaster Prevention and Relief Center," said a CWB official.

The Government Information Office also urged the cancellation of all mountain recreation activities.

The Ministry of Agriculture warned farmers to take precautionary measures to prevent against flooding.

Slow Recovery

The nation has not yet fully recovered from Typhoon Aere, which pounded Taiwan two weeks ago. According to Taoyuan County Government, 20 percent of 230,000 households in southern Taoyuan still face water shortages after the typhoon crippled the water purification facilities of the Shihmen Dam, one of the major reservoirs for northern Taiwan.

The Taipei City Government sent crews to help Sanchong City residents clean the silt left by flooding last week in an attempt to speed up the repair work to prepare for yet another storm.

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