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Teacher suspected of beheading lover

SUSPICIOUS Police say Huang Li-yen killed her lover with a kitchen knife and then asked another boyfriend to dump the body, saying the bag contained a sex doll

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

A former elementary school teacher admitted that she killed her married boyfriend and cut his head off, police said.

Taichung police arrested 38-year-old Huang Li-yen (黃麗燕) at her home on Friday after another boyfriend, computer technician Lin Jiunn-cheng (林俊成), reported to them that a bag of garbage Huang had asked him to dump in the Tadu Mountain area could contain a corpse.

The police found the body of 34-year-old Chao Yin-chang (趙寅昌), owner of a laptop and mobile phone shop, in the garbage.

Chao's head had been removed and packed inside a separate garbage bag, which was found about 4km from where the body had been dumped.

Huang told the police that she and Chao had been together for four years. According to the police, she said Chao lied to her about the fact that he was married, and that he subjected her to constant beatings, called her a whore and asked her to have an abortion two years ago.

Huang admitted that she killed Chao with a kitchen knife after a fight on July 9 and cut his head off with the same knife, police said.

The next day, Huang called Lin, who lives in Taipei, and asked him to come see her immediately. She asked him to help her get rid of some garbage, saying the bag contained her roommate's boyfriend's inflatable sex doll. However, Huang eventually told him that it was actually a body, and he decided to report the matter to the authorities, the police said.

"According to Huang's statement, she allegedly killed Chao and cut off his head at her residence, but we strongly doubt this, because it would have been a difficult task for Huang to carry out the murder all by herself, since she is a small person," said Chen Shih-hsiung (陳世雄), a sergeant with the Wuji Precinct of the Taichung County Police Department.

Huang is about 1.5m tall and weighs around 45kg. The police are investigating whether someone else might have been involved in the murder.

"It is also possible that Huang drugged Chao before she killed him. But that will be no more than speculation until a detailed forensic report has been completed," Chen said.

Chao happens to be a witness in another murder investigation -- the case of Chen Chin-huo (陳金火), who is suspected of murdering insurance agent Shih Chin-chi (施金池). Chen Chin-huo claimed that he had eaten parts of Shih's body.

After Shih's murder, Chen Chin-huo and his intern Kwang Teh-chiang (廣德強) sold Shih's laptop and mobile phone to Chao's shop. Information received from Chao enabled the police to identify Chen Chin-huo and Kwang as suspects.

Police said it was no more than a coincidence that both owners of the laptop had been murdered and beheaded.

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