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Storm warning possible as heavy weather nears



With unstable weather possibly hitting Taiwan as early as tomorrow, a tropical-storm warning might be issued early today to ships in the Bashi Channel because of a danger of heavy rains and strong winds.

As of yesterday afternoon, Severe Tropical Storm Mindulle was located about 1,000km southeast of Oluanpi (鵝鑾鼻), the southern tip of Taiwan. Forecasters said that Mindulle's speed had slowed to 12kph from an earlier 18kph, but that a maritime warning might be issued early this morning if the storm moved along the route predicted for it.

By this afternoon, Mindulle is expected to have moved to a point about 620km northeast of Manila.

According to forecaster Wu Wan-hua (伍婉華), Mindulle might be significantly weakened by the time it arrives in Luzon.

"However, its peripheral clouds are likely to influence the weather in Taiwan from Tuesday to Thursday. We predict northern and eastern Taiwan will see some serious rain," Wu said.

Forecasters said yesterday that, with intense sun expected to take temperatures above 30?C in the north and above 35?C in the south today, people should be aware of the dangers of sunstroke.

However, the hot weather should come to an end tomorrow, with rain possible in eastern and northern Taiwan both tomorrow and Wednesday. The wet weather is predicted to affect the rest of the country Thursday and Friday.

Meanwhile, forecasters said that a second severe tropical storm, called Tingting, has formed in the Pacific Ocean. Forecasters said that the two tropical storms are unlikely to interact with each other because the distance between the two exceeds 2,000km.

It is expected that Tingting will move in a northerly direction today and reach a position about 330km north of Guam.

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