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Lu warns public not to stumble into Beijing's `trap'


Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) warned yesterday of Beijing's new approaches toward Taiwan and urged the public to stay on high alert against China's "trap."

Lu made the comments while giving a speech at the opening of an international conference on cross-strait exchanges and Taiwan's national security sponsored by Taiwan Advocates -- a pro-independence group dedicated to Taiwan's cause.

On the political front, Lu said, the Beijing regime will continue to isolate Taiwan in the international community and intimidate Taiwan indirectly by putting strong pressure on the US.

According to the vice president, a Shanghai-based think tank led by Wang Daohan (汪道涵), China's top negotiator with Taiwan, has suggested "joint negotiations, joint development, joint prosperity, joint creation" as new political guidelines in bilateral exchanges with Taiwan.

On the military front, Lu went on, Beijing's strategy toward Taiwan is based on three major tactics -- attack, blockade and invasion. As the Beijing regime has repeatedly voiced its determination to resolve the Taiwan problem through military means, China's military authorities are in favor of setting a timetable to settle the issue, she said.

According to the vice president, the Chinese communists would first attack Taiwan proper and its offshore islands to paralyze Taiwan's leadership and destroy its information system before blockading the nation.

They would then force Taiwan to the negotiating table by creating chaos before sending their joint armed forces to invade, she said.

Since last year, Beijing has tried every possible means to underscore its sovereignty claim over the Taiwan Strait, Lu said. Pointing to a military exercise held last year by China authorities as example, she said China's naval vessels detoured purposely first to international waters some 100km off Taiwan's eastern coast before heading for Hainan Island.

Chinese authorities also protested last year to Australia over passage by Australian naval vessels through the Taiwan Strait on their way home after a joint military drill in South Korea, Lu said, adding that the repeated appearances of China's scientific research ships off Taiwan are also proof that Beijing seeks to make the world believe that the Strait is under its jurisdiction.

In view of China's relentless and renewed two-pronged strategy toward Taiwan, she called on the Taiwanese people to heighten their alert in order not to fall into Beijing's trap while Taiwan-China ties are still mired in stalemate, with many risks and uncertainties.

With the beginning of a new century, Lu nevertheless encouraged the Taiwanese people to resist China's leverage and effects by looking toward the eastern Pacific and shifting some of their attention and energy from the Taiwan Strait to the rest of the world.

"Taiwan must reach out to become a Taiwan for the whole world, " she said.

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