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Groups work street to sell safe-sex message


In order to promote the use of condoms during sexual intercourse, the Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters together with the Persons with HIV/AIDS Rights Advocacy Association of Taiwan put on a street show in Hsimenting yesterday to warn youngsters against unprotected sex and give tips on how to enjoy sex while using a condom.

The promotion was one of several safe-sex activities that are usually held right before both western Valentine's Day and Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕), since many young couples are expected to choose those days to make love -- but without wearing condoms.

"Taiwanese men usually have the wrong idea about wearing condoms. Sometimes they think their girlfriends look inexperienced, so they think they are safe and don't have to wear condoms. Some also think condoms reduce their enjoyment of sex," said Wang Fang-ping (王芳萍), the collective's secretary-general.

"Sometimes the couples may feel shy about using condoms or forget to prepare one when having sex for the first time, but it would only be right to get one and wear one under such conditions."

There was also a sex worker nicknamed "Madame Spring" (春夫人) giving lessons on how to increase men's enjoyment during sexual intercourse when wearing a condom.

She said that before wearing the condom, applying some some lubricant to the penis, especially the sensitive part, should work miracles for men.

The two groups were also handing out free condoms to those passing by.

Most youngsters, however, felt shy about stopping by to look at the demonstration when they realized what it was all about.

One high-school boy who did stay to watch the display said it felt a bit awkward, but it was a nice lesson.

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