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Hungarian translation of `I Ching' completed

A DIFFICULT TASK Karaston Gabor finished the translation after 10 years of work on the ancient Chinese divination masterpiece


A Hungarian translation of I Ching -- an ancient Chinese book of philosophy about change and divination -- has recently been completed, making it the world's first Hungarian-language Book of Changes.

Karatson Gabor, the translator, completed the translation of the ancient Chinese masterpiece after 10 years of work.

An author and a painter himself, Gabor used a poetic-verse type of writing in translating I Ching, also unique in any translation of the book.

Gabor recently presented two copies of the Hungarian-language I Ching to the Taipei representative office in Budapest, Hungary as a token of appreciation for finding a copy of the ancient book for him.

According to officials from the representative office, they obtained a copy of the I Ching that was printed during the Sung Dynasty from Taipei's National Central Library 10 years ago for Gabor to do the translation.

Gabor is also a renowned environmental activist in Hungary .

He began studying Mandarin Chinese from childhood.

After completing the translation, Gabor said his next task, also daunting, will be translating Lun Yu, or The Confucian Analects, which is one of the Four Books.

I Ching was also called the Chou I as it was a book written by Wen, the King of Chou, around 1,042BC.

Legend has it that Wen invented the 64 Hexagrams and their names.

Wen is said to have done this while languishing in prison at the hands of Chou Hsin, who was the king of the Shang.

To save himself, Wen used his I Ching to entertain Chou Hsin and his court.

While telling his stories, he drew illustrations to help everyone remember the points he wanted to make, to explain omens and to offer bits of wisdom and advice.

Chou Hsin was so impressed that he eventually released Wen and even gave him his daughter's hand in marriage.

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