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TSU demands PFP lawmaker give up railway position

CONCURRENT ROLES Technician Lin Hui-kuan was rounded on for keeping his technician's post while serving as a labor federation head

By Lin Chieh-yu  /  STAFF REPORTER

The TSU yesterday urged the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) to suspend its technician assistant Lin Hui-kuan (林惠官) because of his positions as a PFP lawmaker and president of the Chinese Federation of Labor (CFL).

"According to the Constitution and the Civil Servant Services Act (公務員服務法), Lin is not allowed to concurrently serve as a civil servant and a lawmaker," said TSU legislative caucus leader Chen Chien-ming (陳建銘). The TRA is a state-run company

"And because he is a legislator, he is no longer a `worker,' which means that is not qualified to run for re-election as the CFL president," Chen said.

"To avoid dispute in the CFL president elections, we ask the TRA to issue an official order to sack Lin, who has already announced his candidacy for the CFL's presidency," Chen said. "If the TRA does not do so, the TSU will boycott the annual budget of the TRA at the Legislative Yuan."

The TSU legislative caucus yesterday invited government officials from the TRA, the Examination Yuan and the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, to discuss Lin's position.

TSU Legislator Liao Pen-yen (廖本煙) said that to avoid any dispute in the CFL's presidential elections, due to be held tomorrow, the TRA must immediately issue an order to suspend Lin.

Yen Chiu-lai (顏秋來), vice minister of the civil service, said, "Article 75 of the Constitution reads, `No member of the Legislative Yuan shall concurrently hold a government post,' while the Civil Servant Services Act also says that no civil servant should concurrently hold other government positions."

"The Examination Yuan's interpretation articles No. 1, 24 and 27 also rule that members of state-run companies must adhere to the Civil Servant Services Act," Yen said. "The stipulations are clear and leave no room for interpretation."

However, TRA deputy director Hsu Ta-wen (徐達文) said Lin's position needs to be more clearly defined before any action is taken.

"We have authorized our lawyers to look into this case and find a resolution as soon as possible," Hsu said.

The TSU legislative caucus expressed dissatisfaction with Hsu's remarks and threatened to oppose the agency's annual budget in the legislature.

"We will also request the Control Yuan to impeach the TRA," said TSU's legislative caucus leader Chien Lin Hui-chun (錢林慧君).

Lin refused to comment.

The Convener of the CFL's credentials panel, Chen Jun-chou (陳潤洲), said that Lin will be able to run for re-election.

"Lin's qualifications should represent no legal problem," Chen Jun-chou said.

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