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Council predicts rosy tech future

BRIGHT FUTURE Taiwan will become the world's No. 1 exporter of information appliances if it starts integrating new technology, the National Science Council said


A four-year research project has helped make the nation a top research and manufacturing center for information appliances (IAs) by integrating the three Cs of computers, communications and consumer electronics, according to the National Science Council.

The council yesterday released its fourth edition White Paper of The 3Cs Integration Technology and Industry, a wrap-up of four year's of high-tech research.

According to Hsia Han-min (夏漢民), project co-convener and president of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) Enterprise Promotion Association, the White Paper offers local industries new information on state-of-the-art technology and potential products.

Also included are ideas on training professionals in 3C industries to meet increasing demand.

"In the last four years, we have integrated the industry, the government and academia to boost the development of Taiwan's flagship information appliances -- smart handheld devices involving a system-on-a-chip, known as an SOC," Hsia said.

SOC technology aims to put a central-processing unit, memory and interface on one chip.

For years, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has accorded the 3C-integration project top priority in order to encourage the private sector to develop SOC technologies.

Science council researchers said that the focus is on information alliances not only for industrial use but also for personal use. The development of custom-made information appliances is also a target for local industries.

Council officials said they expect that the nation's IA output to be the biggest in the world by 2005.

Stan Shih (施振榮), chairman and CEO of the Acer Group and project co-convener, said that incorporating 3C technology information appliances into diverse traditional industries, such as heath care, tourism and agriculture, would help the country broaden its overseas markets.

"To upgrade Taiwan, we should aim to apply 3Cs technologies to the service industry," Shih said, adding that potential markets could be cultivated both domestically and abroad.

Shih said that the government should select some traditional industries and encourage them to merge with the new technology.

According to Shih, combining local tourism with 3C technology could help transform export products for which the overseas markets are unlimited.

Shih said quality tourism services are not necessarily established on good local infrastructure but that they could be built on advanced communication technologies.

"The know-how of applying 3C technology to the service industry would have a global appeal," Shih said.

Council chairman Wei Che-ho (魏哲和) said yesterday that the council would seriously consider Shih's idea.

"The National Science Council might invest millions of dollars to carry out small projects combining 3C technology and the service industry next year," Wei said.

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