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Lawmakers sorry for causing trouble

By Stephanie Low  /  STAFF REPORTER

KMT legislator Chen Horng-chi (陳鴻基) and Taipei City Council deputy Chen Hsueh-fen (陳雪芬) yesterday apologized for getting the party into trouble over their recent proposal for a post-election KMT-DPP coalition.

The pair, nevertheless, insisted they will not cancel their plan to hold a march on Nov. 25 to promote their appeal, saying they are only trying to express mainstream opinion on behalf of the people.

The two pro-localization politicians said they did not believe the proposal would trigger such a strong negative reaction from within the party.

"Some people within the KMT seem to consider a KMT-PFP alliance a matter of course, but once cooperation between the KMT and DPP is mentioned, it is like committing a crime deserving 10,000 deaths," Chen Horng-chi said.

"If this group of people continues to adhere stubbornly to their beliefs, the future direction of the KMT will become confusing to the public and the party may even be abandoned," Chen added.

Apollo Chen (陳學聖), a KMT legislator from the same constituency in Taipei City as Chen Horng-chi but who enjoys a different support base, has over the past several days criticized his colleague for jeopardizing the KMT's unity and the party's leadership status in the opposition alliance by proposing the idea.

He stepped up his criticism yesterday, asking the pair to call off the planned march and offer an apology.

According to this Chen, the DPP was ready to mobilize its supporters to join the march, a situation which would further call the loyalty of some KMT members into question.

The PFP, which is trying to compete with the KMT for status as the true inheritor of Sun Yat-sen's doctrines, seized the opportunity to restate its position yesterday.

PFP Vice Chairman Chang Chao-hsiung (張昭雄) likened a possible KMT-DPP coalition to a match of "two rotten apples," criticizing the DPP for being incompetent in governing and the KMT for being corrupt and unable to enact reform.

"Two rotten apples, one sour and the other stinking, won't produce sweet juice. This is basic common sense," Chang said.

He urged the electorate to support the PFP, which he said does not have a loyalty crisis.

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