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Wang Jin-pyng tries to break current deadlock

The opposition-controlled legislature has been blamed for the delay in resolving the crisis over the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant. In an interview yesterday with 'Taipei Times' reporter Stephanie Low, Legislative Yuan speaker Wang Jin-pyng, talked about the negotiation process and gave his response to the ruling party's accusations

By Stephanie Low  /  STAFF REPORTER

Wang Jin-pyng waves his hands while responding to the ruling party's "conspiracy" accusations over the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant yesterday.


Taipei Times: Secretary-general to the Executive Yuan, Chiou I-jen (邱義仁), said Tuesday night that you had originally reached an agreement with President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) on a solution to the dispute on Feb. 2. Chiou also expressed the Executive Yuan's astonishment toward the opposition lawmakers' responses to the proposed solution issued on Monday and Tuesday, which he said had overturned the consensus reached between you and Chen. Could you explain what has happened?

Wang Jin-pyng (王金平): How is this [the existence of a final agreement] possible? My discussion with President Chen was based on a conclusion reached by the opposition coalition on Feb. 2, which I sent to Premier Chang Chun-hsiung (張俊雄) at 3:30pm the same day. Premier Chang promised on the spot that he would make a preliminary response to the opposition's request that the Executive Yuan take the responsibility of drafting the energy law.

It was on this basis that I went to the president's residence at 5pm. A preliminary four-point agreement concerning the goals of the mediation effort was hammered out during that meeting. On the one hand, Chang was to make an effort [to coordinate the differences within the DPP] based on this agreement. On the other hand, I was to make an effort [to coordinate among the opposition lawmakers].

When I contacted the opposition lawmakers again on Feb. 5, I presented this version of the agreement and noted their opinions toward it. They didn't have to accept it. Had they had to do so, the decision might as well have simply been made by the three of us [Chen, Chang and Wang]. When Chang took the version of the agreement back to the DPP, the DPP didn't accept it, either. That is why so many versions were proposed after that.

The second version from the opposition coalition only came out on Monday, and I sent it to Premier Chang the same day. The Executive Yuan sent its first version to the legislature only on Tuesday. As of Tuesday, the opposition coalition has had three versions.

TT: Chiou also said that there is now a "conspiracy theory" spreading within the DPP, which suggests that the opposition coalition was sabotaging the consensus deliberately to block the solution to the deadlock. What do you think about this?

Wang: There isn't any conspiracy. If there were, the opposition lawmakers, after passing their resolution on Jan. 31, wouldn't need to enter into any negotiation with the Executive Yuan at all.

TT: Some DPP politicians have speculated that you changed your original intention to help the Executive Yuan seek a solution to the deadlock with the opposition lawmakers after a meeting with KMT Chairman Lien Chan (連戰). Is this true?

Wang: During the meeting with Lien, he only expressed his hope that the problem be settled as soon as possible and restoring the matter to its original state, which means having the construction work on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant resumed.

This is because the Executive Yuan hadn't obtained the legislature's approval before announcing a halt to the project.

During the process of negotiation, I didn't take any personal stand. But I did do a big favor [for the Executive Yuan] by proposing the wording, "respecting the constitutional system and peace between the legislative and executive branches" during the third round of meetings with the opposition coalition on Tuesday.

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