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Hsu takes swipe at Chen at Xiamen Hakka forum


If President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) was recalled, it would be because of Taiwan's sagging economy and slumping stock market, former DPP Chairman Hsu Hsin-liang (許信良) said yesterday.

Hsu, currently a member of a high-profile Taiwan delegation to the southern Chinese port city of Xiamen to attend a world Hakka amity meeting, criticized Chen as the "source of Taiwan's political unrest today."

He pointed out what he called Chen's "spiteful" attitude toward the constitutional system and disrespect for the legislative majority, adding "the president could be recalled 10 times" if Taiwanese genuinely valued the constitutional system.

Hsu, who withdrew from the DPP last year to run for the presidency as an independent and ended up securing about two percent of the vote, said Chen is unlikely to be dismissed simply because of his disrespect for the constitutional system, because people still don't properly understand constitutional politics, he said.

He noted that even if the recall vote motion were passed in the Legislative Yuan, it would also need to be passed by a referendum of at least half of the island's voters.

Speaking of the chance that Chen could be unseated should the domestic economy stay in the doldrums and the bourse continue to nose-dive, for example to about 4,000 points, Hsu said, "If that indeed happens, the people will definitely demand a change in the government, prompting them to say no to Chen in a referendum," Hsu said.

Hsu said Chen is accused of contempt for the constitutional system because he follows his own will when setting about to shape the government. According to the Constitution, Hsu noted, the president is not the head of the administration. That role falls, rather, on the premier.

According to the Constitution, the Executive Yuan is charged with executing the resolutions of the Legislative Yuan.

Against this background, Hsu said the majority party in the Legislative Yuan, which currently is the KMT, should be the ruling party rather than the DPP, the president's party, which holds only 67 seats in the 220-member legislature.

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