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Sat, May 27, 2000 - Page 3 News List

DPP staffers blasted over US citizenship


Several KMT legislators accused three new government officials yesterday of keeping dual citizenship and demanded that they renounce their US citizenship.

In the national affairs forum held in the Legislative Yuan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Tien Hung-mao(田弘茂), Vice Minister of National Defense Chen Pi-chao(陳必照), and designated secretary to the president Hsiao Bi-khim(蕭美琴) were under heavy fire from several KMT legislators for their alleged dual citizenship.

KMT legislators expressed their concerns about the leakage of national security secrets when important government positions are held by people with US citizenship.

"The DPP used to harshly criticize KMT government officials with dual citizenship, calling them 'traitors' of Taiwan. Now the DPP is doing the same thing," said KMT lawmaker Wu Ching-chih(吳清池).

According to the Central Personnel Administration, people with dual citizenship are not allowed to serve as government officials.

In response to the criticism, both Tien and Chen said they had given up their American citizenship before the inauguration. Hsiao is engaged in the renouncement of her US citizenship, local reports said.

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