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Lien implicated in money scandal


DPP Legislator Su Huan-chih (蘇煥智) presented what he claimed was a land deed to reporters yesterday, saying it was evidence linking KMT presidential candidate Lien Chan (連戰) to an alleged case of land speculation in 1993.

Another lawmaker, Wu Tse-yuan (伍澤元), is also said to be implicated in the case.

Su alleged that Lien, who was premier at that time, lent NT$32.68 million to Wu, who was then running for Pingtung (屏東) County commissioner, to purchase a piece of property in Tai-chung's Wuchi township (梧棲), where the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer had planned to build a manufacturing facility.

Lien did not report the transfer to the watchdog Control Yuan until after the transaction was discovered. The legislator called Lien and Wu "liars" for saying the money was used for campaign activities.

Documents appeared to indicate that the money was trans-ferred by Lien Fang-yu (連方瑀), Lien's wife, to an account at the Shalu Farmers' Association (沙鹿農會) in 29 separate transfers.

Chen Shei-saint (陳學聖), spokesman for Lien's campaign headquarters, reacted by saying Su was trying to confuse the public and evade other real issues.

Chen said Lien had accrued his assets through investments in land and stocks and that his wealth had not been gained through embezzlement.

An investigation conducted by the Control Yuan proved that Wu borrowed the money from Lien as campaign funds, but that the money was then used as a land investment, which they said could not be proved to be related to Lien.

Wu himself has been the subject of considerable controversy, having been sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996 over a bribery scandal.

His case has been twice referred from the Supreme Court back to the high court and last December -- despite the convictions pending against him -- was forwarded to the legislature.

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