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CEC’s passage of anti-LGBT referendum proposals causes controversy
通過反同志公投提案 中選會爆爭議

Taiwan’s gay rights pioneer Chi Chia-wei waves a rainbow flag as the LGBT community stages a large protest outside the Central Election Commission on Monday.

Photo: CNA
照片 : 中央社

The Central Election Commission (CEC) had a review of 14 national referendum proposals last week. Among the proposals, two proposals against same-sex marriage and one proposal against same-sex education initiated by the anti-LGBT group “Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance” passed the initial review. This decision has sparked an uproar.

Taiwan’s gay rights pioneer Chi Chia-wei said that the three anti-LGBT referendum proposals were clearly a violation of the Constitution. He accused the CEC of ignoring the Grand Justices’ Constitutional Interpretation No. 748 issued last year in support of same-sex marriage, while questioning how the government can put a human rights issue to a vote.

According to the Referendum Act, after a referendum proposal officially passes the CEC’s initial review, a referendum will be held if it can meet the threshold by collecting just over 280,000 signatures. The LGBT community staged a large protest outside the CEC earlier this week, and it also submitted an appeal to the court against the CEC’s decision.

(CNA, translated by Eddy Chang)






1. review v.

審查 (shen3 cha2)

2. referendum n.

公投 (gong1 tou2)

3. same-sex adj.

同性的 tong2 xing4 de5)

4. constitution n.

憲法 (xian4 fa3)

5. threshold n.

門檻 (men2 kan3)

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