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Singer-turned-actor Crowd Lu performs superbly in hit TV drama
「花甲男孩」盧廣仲 轉戰演員好棒棒

Singer Crowd Lu, left, and actor Tsai Chen-nan perform in the hit TV drama A Boy Named Flora A.

Photo: CNA

Singer Crowd Lu first gained popularity with his song Good Morning, Breakfast when he entered showbiz almost 10 years ago. Recently, the singer-turned-actor has also proven himself in the hit TV drama A Boy Named Flora A, the highest rated program nationwide.

In the drama, Lu plays the lead role of 28-year-old Cheng Hua-chia, or Flora A, who failed the joint college entrance exam three times and was retained for two more years in college — someone who looked just like a “loser” in others’ eyes. “Flora A and I are very much alike,” Lu said with a shy smile, as usual. “No one is really a loser to me. Perhaps it’s just that their time has not yet come.”

After the final episode was aired last week, Lu is now turning back to being a singer again. He is going to hold a concert scheduled for Aug. 19 at the Taipei International Convention Center. All the tickets were sold out within 28 seconds.(CNA, translated by Eddy Chang)





1. flora

n. 花 (hua1)

2. entrance exam

phr. 入學考試 (ru4 xue2 kao3 shi4)

3. retain

v. 留級;保留 (liu2 ji2; bao3 liu2)

4. loser

n. 魯蛇;失敗者 (lu3 she2; shi1 bai4 zhe3)

5. alike

adj. 相像的 (xian1 xiang4 de5)

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