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Saving civets: students get down to wildlife conservation
白鼻心卡排水道 學生熱心搶救

A masked palm civet is seen in this undated photo provided by Taipei Zoo.

Photo courtesy of Taipei zoo

Over the course of April and May, three masked palm civets were found stuck in a trench drain on the National Nei-Pu Senior Agricultural-Industrial Vocational High School (NPVS) campus in Pingtung County. Teachers and students of the NPVS Department of Wildlife Conservation embarked upon a civet rescue.

According to Lee Shih-chin, a teacher in the department, civets are nocturnal animals, and the animals had probably entered the ditch to search for food or escape from dogs. To stop more civets from getting trapped in the drain, and possibly injured, the students decided to clean up the drainage channel so the creatures could get through safely.

Lee says that before carrying out the rescue operation, the students were advised to observe the animal first: one should never touch injured ferret badgers or masked palm civets with bare hands due to the risk of exposure to germs. So far this year, students have rescued a Malayan night heron which had its eye pecked out, an abandoned spotted dove squab and a cat wounded in a trap, among other creatures. The cases have provided the students with the chance to learn and practice how to rescue and care for animals, while at the same time allowing them to do their bit for wildlife conservation.

(Liberty Times, translated by Lin Lee-kai)






1. wildlife conservation phr.


(ye3 sheng1 dong4 wu4 bao3 yu4)

2. rescue n.


(jiu4 yuan2)

3. nocturnal adj.


(ye4 xing2 xing4)

4. observe v.


(guan1 cha2)

5. abandon v.


(yi2 qi4, qi4 yang3)

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