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A : I’m thinking of buying a new guitar, but the good ones are so expensive.

B : Tell me about it. I’ve been lusting after a Gibson for ages, but every year they jack the prices up.

A : Well, you’d better hurry up and pull the trigger on one: the longer you prevaricate, the more you’ll pay in the end.

B : That’s good advice, I should just bite the bullet.

A : 我想要買一把新吉他,但品質好的吉他都好貴。

B : 就是啊。我想要買一把Gibson吉他已經很久了,但它每年都漲價。

A : 是喔,你應該趕快買,你猶豫越久它就越貴。

B : 有道理,我應該趕快下定決心把它買下來。

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