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Kissing the key to finding Mr. Darcy

Bridal Samantha Gray kisses an Elvis Presley wax figure in Sydney, Australia on Feb. 13.

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Kissing helps us assess potential partners if, like a Jane Austen heroine, we cannot wait forever for Mr. Darcy to come along, a study suggests.

Scientists believe kissing helps people judge the quality of a potential mate through taste, smell and fitness.

Women were found to value kissing more highly in long-term relationships.

An online survey of 900 adults by the Oxford team, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that men and women who were more attractive were more selective in choosing mates, and those groups valued kissing more highly.

This suggests that kissing helps in sizing up a potential partner, the study says.

(Liberty Times)








1. assess v.

評估 (ping2 gu1)

例: Researchers are assessing the impact of technology on school children.


2. come along v. phr.

出現;抵達 (chu1 xian4; di3 da2)

例: Go ahead and I’ll come along later.


3. size up v. phr.

品評;打量 (pin3 ping2; da3 liang2)

例: The two cats walked in circles around each other, sizing each other up.


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