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Against Again Troupe to perform at Japan’s Festival/Tokyo next month

Actors from Against Again Troupe act out a scene in American Dream Factory.

Photo Courtesy of Against Again Troupe

Before heading to Japan’s Festival/Tokyo in November, Against Again Troupe gave a debut performance of its new work Eventually Withering Away Little by Little last week. The play experiments with the possibilities of a theater without people. The new work, being performed in celebration of the troupe’s 10th anniversary, will also be performed at this year’s Macau City Fringe Festival.

Combining various theatrical art forms, including object theater, installation art, sound art and behavior art, the play forms a theater without actors. The production will be put on by Against Again Theater’s five artists, including Joyce Ho, who won a special award at the KOBE Biennale, theater musician and director Chiang Tao, producer Lin Jen-chung, and artists Kappa Tseng and Wang Shih-chi. The five of them use their own individual performance methods to outline evidence that is supposed to prove the existence of a woman who is never actually present on the stage. The play creates limitless possibilities for its stream-of-consciousness narrative, paying tribute to one of the most important female writers of the 20th century — Virginia Woolf.

A theater of actors that does not actually use people was the brainchild of Against Again Troupe director, Huang Sze-nung. He says that the absence of others is something that every individual must experience in life, “Maybe people leave, perhaps they die, or maybe they are there the whole time but just not seen.”

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)




1. stream of consciousness n.

意識流 (yi4 shi4 liu2)

例: Stream of consciousness plays a central role in Virginia Woolf’s novel The Waves.


2. brainchild n.

獨創的概念 (du2 chuang4 de5 gai4 nian4)

例: The non-profit organization was the brainchild of three philanthropists.


3. absence n.

缺席 (que1 xi2)

例: With so many absences, you will definitely fail the class.




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