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Business English

A: I received a package from a job applicant. There was a resume and a shoe inside.

B: That sounds strange. What did you do with it?

A: Well, there was a note inside that said “I already have one shoe in your company, so please let my other foot in too.”

B: Wow. Now I get it. That’s really creative.

A: 我收到求職者的包裹,裡面有一份履歷跟穿過的舊鞋。

B: 聽起來很奇怪,你怎麼處理?

A: 裡面有一張紙條寫著『我的一隻腳已經進了貴公司,讓我的第二隻腳也進去吧!』

B: 原來如此,真是太有創意了!

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