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Taoist spirit medium’s magic fails breathalyzer test
酒測作法 乩童失靈

Two police officers help a man take a breathalyzer test in a Pingtung County police station in May. The man sought help from Taoist spirits to pass the test.

Photo: Tsai Tsung-hsien, Liberty Times

Taoist spirits find it difficult to communicate with drunk drivers! Police in Hengchun Township recently detained a man surnamed Kung for drunk driving. The detainee, who also is a Taoist spirit medium, unexpectedly tried to use magic before taking a breathalyzer test in hopes of conjuring the “magical powers” of the spirits to help him pass the test. His amusing performance left the police wondering whether they should laugh or cry.

Reeking of alcohol, the police requested Gong to take a breathalyzer, but he refused. After informing him that he would still be fined if he refused, the man suddenly asked the police to allow him a few minutes before taking the test. Then for around one minute he babbled and performed “magic” by drawing symbols on the palm of his hand before finally doing the breath test. The police were naturally stunned by the situation.

While the police were on patrol on the morning of May 13, they discovered Kung riding his motorcycle reeking of alcohol, and a bottle of rice wine on his motorcycle’s foot step panel. Worried that he might cause a traffic accident, they took him to the police station to test his blood-alcohol level with a breathalyzer. Kung then unexpectedly commenced his strange act to avoid being tested.

Kung confessed to the police that he was planning to take Taoist worshippers to Manjhou Township that afternoon to let their souls visit and communicate with the souls of dead relatives waiting in the underworld. In order to relax a bit he decided to have a couple of drinks in the morning. However, he never considered that the police might catch him. After being caught he sought help from the spirits to pass the breathalyzer test. Although the police thought that his performance was quite ridiculous, they still patiently allowed him to finish his “magic” before testing him. The breathalyzer registered a very high blood-alcohol level. Even the spirits did not wish to help him in his drunkenness. After completing the interrogation procedure, the police finally charged Gong with offenses against public safety.



1. conjure v.

召喚 (zhao4 huan4)

例: The medium claims she conjured up the spirit of his dead wife.


2. reek v.

散發臭氣 (san4 fa1 chou4 qi4)

例: The refrigerator reeks of old moldy cheese.


3. register v.

顯示(讀數) (xian3 shi4 (du2 shu4))

例: That was too fast for the machine to register.







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