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Children between 11 and 15 get NT$10 billion gift money
十一至十五歲孩子 壓歲錢合領近百億

Children assisted by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families in Kao-hsiung smile as they receive red envelopes of gift money on Jan. 16.

Photo: Su Fu-nan, LIBERTY TIMES 照片:自由時報記者蘇福男

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) recently published statistics showing that children between 11 and 15 received a total of almost NT$10 billion in gift money over the Lunar New Year.

This survey used questionnaires that were completed by 1,367 students from elementary and junior high schools.

Up to 94 percent of children receive red envelopes, in which parents put gift money, at Lunar New Year. On ave-rage, each child receives NT$6,274. The Ministry of Education’s statistics for 2009 state that there are 1.54 million students between 11 and 15 years old in Taiwan, so the total amount of gift money they received should be almost NT$10 billion!

About 80 percent of these children choose to save it. Hsiao Ru, a girl attending first year at junior high school, said, “I will save a part of my gift money, and spend the other part on books, game software, or anything else I fancy.” Hsiao Chi, a girl in her sixth year in elementary school, said, “I give all my gift money to my mother. She will save it toward my future school fees. Part of it, combined with another part from my younger sister, is used to sponsor a little girl in another country.”

The TFCF said that parents should teach children the right way to use money, and how to differentiate between the goods they need and those they want. By spending their money on what they need and saving the remainder, they could learn to share what they have and understand the concept of donation. Encouraging children to donate to others of the same age who are in difficulty will teach them to use their money in better ways.

The TFCF suggests that parents should not ask their children to save all their gift money. Instead, they should train them to think about how to manage their money while they use it, and make an appropriate plan for the money they receive, the fund said.



1. fancy v.

想要 (xiang3 yao4)

例: After working on this project for a month, I fancy a few days’ break in the countryside.


2. sponsor v.

贊助 (zan4 zhu4)

例: If nobody sponsors the judo team, they won’t be able to compete in Pakistan.


3. differentiate v.

區別 (qu1 bie2)

例: Some children who live in big cities can’t even differentiate between a duck and a goose.








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