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Healthy Lunar New Year holiday eating tips for pets: Foods to avoid feeding your dogs and cats (Part Two)
過年圍爐,加菜小心! 可以餵家中寵物人吃的食物嗎?(二)

Compiled and translated by Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times 台北時報林亞蒂彙整編譯

Photo: Ian Bartholomew, Taipei Times

5. Grapes and raisins 葡萄及葡萄乾

According to a report published by the Animal Poison Control Center in the US, about 10 dogs per year develop symptoms of toxicity after ingesting grapes or raisins. Ingesting between 0.25-0.9 kg of grapes or raisins can cause a dog to suffer from kidney failure and other more severe symptoms. If not treated, it can be fatal. The reason that some dogs develop kidney failure following ingestion of grapes and raisins is not known, and grapes and raisins are not toxic to every single dog and cat. Some dogs consuming the same amount of grapes or raisins appear fine without showing any discomfort. As the mechanism of grapes and raisins causing poisoning in dogs and cats is still not understood, it is wise to avoid feeding them to dogs and cats.

據美國動物毒物管制中心(Animal Poison Control Center)的報告顯示,每年約有十隻狗兒是因吃下葡萄或葡萄乾而中毒,狗兒吃下約二百五十到九百公克的葡萄或葡萄乾,便會引致腎功能衰竭,且產生更激烈症狀,若不治療會死亡。至今還無法判明是何原因造成犬貓中毒,而且並不是對所有的犬貓都會造成影響,有些狗兒即使吃了一樣的量,卻也有完全沒事的情況。在其引起犬貓中毒的機制尚未確定前,還是不要給犬貓食用才好。

6. Yeast dough 酵母生麵團

Yeast dough here is bread dough before it is baked. It can stretch a dog’s stomach and cause severe pain or even rupture the dog’s abdomen and intestines. Although it is less dangerous after the dough is completely baked or the yeast is completely fermented, pet owners should not feed their pets on an amount of bread that is more than 5 to 10 percent of their daily calorie intake.


7. Raw or undercooked meat, eggs and bones


Meat and eggs, both raw and undercooked, and bones may contain bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli, which are harmful to your pets. Also, undercooked eggs may contain avidin, which will decrease their absorption of biotin, a kind of vitamin B, and can lead to skin and hair problems. Feeding your pets raw bones is very dangerous since domestic pets may choke on bones or their digestive tracts may be punctured by bone splinters.


8. Xylitol 木糖醇

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is commonly used in chewing gums, candies, baked foods, toothpaste products, and others. It is poorly absorbed by humans and can be used by diabetic patients since it can be metabolized without the presence of insulin. Xylitol can be 90 percent as sweet as sucrose, but contains only 40 percent of the calories of sucrose. It can cause an increase in the insulin circulating through your dog’s body, causing your dog’s blood sugar to drop, potentially leading to liver failure. Initial symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, and loss of coordination. Eventually, the dog may have seizures. Liver failure can occur within just a few days.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), xylitol is a very dangerous substance for dogs. Even a small amount of xylitol ingestion can cause a dog to display symptoms in 30 minutes, including a marked drop in blood sugar, vomiting, wal-king difficulties, internal bleeding, and others. Within days, it can trigger heart seizures, impairment of liver functions, acute liver failure, and other severe illnesses.

木糖醇是一種常用於許多食品的甜味劑,常用於口香糖、糖果,烘培食品及牙膏中。它不容易被人體吸收,可在缺乏胰島素的情況下被代謝,產生的熱量約為蔗糖的百分之四十,但甜度約為蔗糖的百分之九十,因此為可被當作糖尿病患者的代糖使用。根據位於美國紐約的美國虐待動物防止協會(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)報告指出,木糖醇對於狗兒是種相當危險的物質,即使是少量的誤食,也會造成狗兒在三十分鐘內出現血糖降低、嘔吐、行走困難、內出血,幾天之內會出現心臟病發作、肝指數上升以及急性肝衰竭的危險。

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