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Spain may use alphabetic order to decide kids’ surnames

Parents and their children attend a religious ceremony marking the Fiesta de las Candelas, or celebration of lights, which is celebrated with a special mass and blessing for children born during the previous year, in Burgos, northern Spain, on Feb. 2, 2010.
二月二日,家長與兒童於西班牙北部布爾戈斯參加Fiesta de las Candelas 宗教節慶,是個慶祝光明的儀式,祝福前一年當中出生的兒童。照片:路透

Photo: Reuters

A new law in Spain could lead to a boom in children whose main family names start with the letter ‘A’.

Until now, Spanish kids have carried both parents’ surnames — their fathers’ always in first place and their mothers’ in second. In everyday use, many people give only the first surname.

But legislation submitted to parliament would give mothers equal rights to fathers in deciding which parent’s surname goes first.

If they can’t agree, it will be alphabetic order that decides.

“Names like Abad or Alvarez have a promising future in Spain,” said the conservative daily ABC.

“For others like Zurbano or Zamora, survival will be more complicated.”

The leading center-left daily El Pais said the Spanish government simply wanted to extend the principle of equality to the symbolic social realm of family names.

The legislation will be examined by the Justice Commission of the parliament’s lower house until tomorrow for possible amendments. It could be two years before it comes into force.(afp)











1. boom n.

激增 (ji1 zeng1)

例: The market boom has resulted in a sharp rise in the number of new mutual funds.


2. alphabetical order n.

按字母順序排列 (an4 zi4 mu3 shun4 xu4 pai2 lie4)

例: The candidates’ names were listed in alphabetical order.


3. center-left adj.

中間偏左 (zhong1 jian1 pian1 zuo3)

例: The center-left government is planning to introduce tax hikes.


4. amendment n.

修正案 (xiu1 zheng4 an4)

例: A vote on the proposed constitutional amendments will be taken later today.


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