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British chips smell of...ironing boards: study 研究:英國薯條聞起來像…燙衣板

Winners of the 2008 British Fish and Chip shop of the year, Robert and Alison Smith of the Anstruther Fish Bar near St. Andrews, Scotland, pose with their trophy filled with fish and chips in London, on Jan. 22, 2009.


Britain is famous for fish and chip shops, and now scientists have isolated the chip smells that tempt in passers by, including butterscotch, onion — and ironing boards, they said last week.

The researchers at Leeds University used a process known as gas chromatography mass spectrometry to isolate some 46 different compounds — and then asked real people to describe what they smell like.

“Ironing board was one that came up,” along with butterscotch, cocoa, onion, flowers and cheese, said David Gough, commenting on the study to highlight National Chip Week.

Dr Graham Clayton suggested that chips, or French fries, should perhaps be treated like wine is in France or Italy, where connoisseurs appreciate its complexities.

“The humble chip doesn’t smell of just chips — the aroma is much more complex,” he said.

In the wake of these findings, chips could be treated like wine in the future with “chip fans turning into buffs as they impress their friends with eloquent descriptions of their favorite fries.”

The way the chips are cooked can be crucial. “The research showed that the relationship between the potatoes, the oil, the temperature and cooking, as well as adding condiments or foods, affects the aroma profile of the chips.”

“Like a fine perfume, chips can be made up of different aroma combinations, so there is always something for everyone and every occasion,” added Clayton.

“Lightly cooked or undercooked chips were found to contain three simple aromas including bitter cocoa. A little extra cooking was shown to produce a more complex aroma profile, with up to nine different aromatic notes.”




Antoine: How was your trip to England?

Ernie: It was pretty funny. Do you know what English people call French fries?

Antoine: I’ve got no idea. What?

Ernie: They call them chips, and they eat them with every meal. Lunch with chips, dinner with chips, meat with chips and of course fish with chips. I’ve got chips up to my eyeballs!

Antoine: That sounds terrible. Did you find any Italian food?

Ernie: Yes, I did — pizza and chips!







up to my eyeballs 堆積如山的

If somebody is up to their eyeballs with something, they have too much of it. This idiom is usually used for work, for example: “The students are up to their eyeballs studying for the mid-terms.”

如果某人「be up to their eyeballs with」某物,就表示該物太多了。這個慣用語通常用來形容工作,例如:「學生們埋首書堆準備期中考」。









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