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New Year traditions (part II) 新年傳統(二)


» Continued from yesterday / 接續昨日

A ccording to tradition, there are certain rituals and events that should be carried out on each of the first 15 days of the New Year. Here is your guide to the second day of the Lunar New Year.


Today is the day of the son-in-law. In the past, many married women weren’t able to see their parents very often during the year so today they return, accompanied by their husband. Husbands should make sure they have worked hard throughout the year so they have plenty of red envelopes to distribute to the in-laws. For lunch, some families prepare dumplings because their shape resembles gold ingots used in the past. After lunch the son-in-law and his wife are free to leave.


Today is an especially good day to be a dog, because it’s believed that it’s the birthday of all dogs, so if you see one, make sure you toss him a treat.


初二也是狗兒的大吉日,一般認為今天是所有狗兒的生日,所以看到狗時,別忘了打賞喔。 (翻譯:林倩如)

» To be continued tomorrow...�明日待續...


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