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Scientist fails to grab sweeper’s job in Korea amid economic downturn 經濟衰退 南韓科學家應徵清道夫落選

A sweeper cleans outside the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai, India, on Sept. 30, 2008.


A jobless scientist in South Korea with a doctorate in physics applied for a street sweeper’s job but failed the physical test, local officials said last Tuesday.

The 36-year-old was among 63 applicants — 11 of them university graduates — for five openings in Seoul. But brawn overcame brains as far as the scientist was concerned.

Applicants had to carry two sandbags each weighing 20kg over their shoulders to simulate stacking garbage bags, before dashing back and forth over 25 meters with another sandbag on their shoulder.

The scientist, identified only as Kim, was three seconds too slow in the dash, Chung Young-Ik, an official in charge, told AFP.

“I carded in poor results,” a dejected Kim told journalists.

The district office said an average 12.6 people vied for each sweeper’s job this year compared to eight last year.

The 33 million won (NT$807,000) average starting salary for a sweeper is more than fresh graduates earn in large businesses, Chung said. The job is also very secure, allowing people to work until they turn 60.











1. physical adj.

身體的 (shen1 ti3 de5)

例: Marvin quit his job as a mail carrier because he hates physical work.


2. applicant n.

申請人 (shen1 qing3 ren2),應徵者 (ying4 zheng1 zhe3)

例: The quality of the applicants is better than last year.


3. dejected adj.

情緒低落的 (qing2 xu4 di1 luo4 de5)

例: The players were dejected after the defeat.


4. secure adj.

穩當的 (wen3 dang4 de5)

例: Lee is still trying to find a secure job.


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