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Do not disturb eggs: MP reveals Britain's oddest laws 英議員揭露英國最古怪法令:不許翻動蛋盒

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attend the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords London, on Dec. 3, 2008. The Queen's speech sets out the government's plans for the next parliamentary session.


Britons are forbidden from disturbing packs of eggs and from selling game killed on a Sunday, it was revealed by a lawmaker who condemned ministers for introducing weird, off the wall laws.

The day after Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government laid out its agenda for the coming year, Liberal Democrat lawmaker Chris Huhne noted the stream of sometimes "completely bizarre" new offences it had created.

Since the Labour party took power in 1997 under then prime minister Tony Blair, it has created 3,600 new criminal offences, Huhne said, adding this was "massively complicating" the job of police and the criminal justice system.

"Some of these offences are completely bizarre - for example, the offence of causing a nuclear explosion," he told members of parliament (MPs)."

He said that if somebody causes a nuclear explosion, there would certainly be casualties. The culprit would be subject to a murder charge, so the new law is redundant.

Other new offences include "wilfully pretending to be a barrister," "disturbing a pack of eggs when instructed not to by an authorized officer" and "offering for sale a game bird killed on a Sunday or Christmas day," he said.

Huhne accused the government of doing nothing to repeal these laws. Justice minister Jack Straw asked for a full list of the ones the MP wanted removed from the statute books so that he could review them.(AFP)








Woody: Which party are you going to vote for at the next election?

Harvey: I haven’t made my mind up yet, but I probably won’t vote.

Woody: Really? Why not?

Harvey: Because I don’t trust politicians.

Woody: That’s interesting. Any other reasons?

Harvey: Yes. They keep raising taxes. I’m not made of money you know.

Woody: I see. But I still think you ought to vote.








not made of money 非腰纏萬貫

When somebody says they’re not made of money, they mean they have a limited amount of money.

若某人說他們「not made of money」,意思就是他們錢不多。


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