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Japanese aquarium puts dolphins on weight-loss plan 日水族館計畫幫海豚減肥

Right: In this photo released by Kinosaki Marine World, Keith, one of the dolphins at the Japanese marine park in Toyooka, western Japan, sits on a stage, looking plumper than normal, during training to greet dolphin show spectators on Sept. 11, 2008. PHOTO: AFP

Fatty food isn’t just a problem for humans. A Japanese aquarium is putting its dolphins on a diet after they began having problems performing their water tricks.

“These days, the animals are a bit fat!” a zookeeper said on the Web site of Kinosaki Marine World in Toyooka, western Japan.

Audiences have noticed, with the dolphins failing to jump into the air as high as before, he said.

“But we ask you, please be lenient with them as they are making efforts to lose weight,” he said.

The problem lies in their diet of mackerels, which are popular at this time of year in Japan. Mackerels are known in Japan for their rich taste but also their high fat content.

“We are trying to make them return to their best weight by feeding them other kinds of fish with less fat or by offering fewer mackerels,” the zookeeper said.

The marine park offers audiences shows by dolphins, sea lions and other marine animals. (afp)









1. trick n.

把戲 (ba3 xi4)

例: Brent impressed everybody with his amazing card tricks.


2. audience n.

觀眾 (guang1 zhong4)

例: The audience stood up and applauded at the end of the performance.


3. lenient adj.

寬容的 (kuan1 rong2 de5)

例: Michelle's parents are too lenient with her.


4. mackerel n.

青花魚 (qing1 hua1 yu2)

例: Mom cooked us a wonderful mackerel supper.


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