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Rare pregnancy of weedy sea dragon at US aquarium 美水族館草海龍有喜囉

A male weedy sea dragon carries eggs on his tail at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta on June 11, 2008.


The Georgia Aquarium is celebrating a rare occurrence: a weedy sea dragon at the aquarium is pregnant.

It is only the third time ever that such a creature has been pregnant at a US aquarium, officials said.

Sea dragons are one of the very few species in which the male carries the eggs, said Kerry Gladish, a biologist at the aquarium. Gladish said that sea horses and pipe fish males also carry eggs.

The aquarium’s sea dragon has about 70 fertilized eggs — which look like small red grapes — attached to his tail. He is expected to give birth in early to mid-July, said Gladish.

Sea dragon pregnancies are rare at aquariums because researchers don’t know what gets them in the mood to mate.

“We know there’s something biological or environmental that triggers them to want to reproduce, but in the aquarium world, we’re not sure what that is,” Gladish said.

The aquarium recently changed the lighting and thinned out the plants in the sea dragons’ tank to give them room to court each other.

The aquarium has seven of the 18-inch sea dragons, which resemble Dr Seuss characters with long aardvark-like snouts, colorful sea horse bodies and multiple paddle-like fins.

During mating, the female lays dozens of eggs and then transfers them to the male’s tail.

In the wild, the survival rate for sea dragon babies is low, but in captivity it’s about 60 percent, Gladish said. The fish is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of threatened species, mostly because of pollution and population growth in its native Australia.

Only about 50 aquariums worldwide have sea dragons.






in the mood 有「性」趣

To be in the mood means to desire sexual relations. For example, “Mark turned off the lights, lit candles, poured some wine and turned on light music to help put his wife in the mood.”

A word with a similar meaning is aroused. For example, “Trevor was aroused after seeing all those beautiful women at the beach.”

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「in the mood」的意思就是「性」致勃勃,例如:「馬克關了燈,點上蠟燭,倒了點酒,還放了輕音樂想要挑起他太太的性趣」。












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