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Thai flight attendants rebel against 'demeaning' TV soap 泰國電視劇引發空服員群起抗議

Air Asia flight attendants from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia pose at the Air Asia Academy in Sepang, Malaysia, on Nov. 9, 2007.


Thai flight attendants are demanding that a television series they say shows them as sex-obsessed bimbos not be aired.

The high-flying soap The Air Hostess War apparently caused anger in the industry after it opened with a three-day run earlier this month. The show features heated flirtations and petty revenge among the attractive cabin crew, complained the Thai Airways International labor union.

The show's opening scenes of vicious arguing between flight attendants over a handsome pilot was demeaning, said Somsak Srinual, acting president of the union.

Culture minister Khunying Khaisri Sri-aroon will be asked to help pull the program off the air. Representations will also be made to the Channel 5 television station and the chiefs of Thai Airways and the air force, said Somsak.

The layout of the cabin in the TV series clearly represents the inside of a Thai Airways plane, therefore the producers cannot argue that this is a fictional airline, the union leader said.

The series could very well stop young people from entering the industry if they believe the lifestyle is so emotionally draining, he added.

Darichat Jaikrajang, a Japan Airlines flight attendant, said the drama is deeply misleading: "Ability and discipline are far more important than physical beauty if you work as an air hostess.''

Media commentators frequently label Thai television as sensational and say it's willing to scrape the bottom of the social barrel in the hunt for high ratings. (DPA)






Jewel: What are you watching?

Jean: I'm watching a new Korean soap opera.

Jewel: You're always glued to the television watching Korean soaps.

Jean: I admit that I can't get enough of them.

Jewel: I hope you're learning some Korean by watching them. Otherwise you're just wasting your time.






glued to 不願離開/緊附於

A person who's glued to something is paying close attention to that thing, usually for a long period of time. People can be "glued to" things like computers or books.

說某人「glued to」某事表示這個人十分關注此事物,且通常會持續很久,人們可能會「glued to」如電腦或書籍等事物。






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