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Dog brought to vet after having one too many 酒不醉狗 狗自醉

Benito, a five-year-old Chihuahua, drinks beer made for dogs in Hulst, Netherlands, Jan. 21, 2007. The beer is non-alcoholic and is made from beef extract and malt.


Earlier this month, a dog in Austria that smelled "like a beer hall" was brought to see a vet. The dog was barely able to stand on his own four paws.

Dingo is a three-year-old Labrador who weighs 40kg. He was a sad sight when his owner, a hunter, brought him in to the vet. Dingo was farting, had diarrhea and was throwing up. When Dingo was put up on the table, the vet said the place smelled like a beer factory.

Tests showed that Dingo had a large amount of alcohol in his body. But that was not because he had had one drink too many.

The hungry pooch had stolen and secretly eaten 0.5kg of fresh yeast dough from the kitchen. Alcohol had formed inside his stomach as a result of the fermentation process. That left poor old Dingo drunk.

"[Mean] people say that we hunters are often drunk. With me, it's my dog," joked the owner.









1. Labrador n.

拉布拉多犬 (la1 bu4 la1 duo1 quan3)

例: My sister has a black Labrador.


2. alcohol n.

酒精 (jiu3 jing1)

例: Some medicines have alcohol in them.


3. yeast dough n. phr.

酵母麵團 (xiao4 mu3 mian4 tuan2)

例: We made yeast dough last night.


4. fermentation n.

發酵 (fa1 xiao4)

例: Alcohol is one product of fermentation.


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