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Make your own candy 自己動手做糖果

Catherrine Thomas  /  STAFF WRITER

Photo: Catherine Thomas, taipei times

This experiment takes some patience, but at the end you'll have made your very own candy! You'll need help from a grown-up because you need to use boiling water.

What you will need:

Two cups of sugar

A paperclip

Some string (must have

a slightly rough surface

and should be about

the same length as the

height of the jar).

A jar

Some wax paper or a

paper towel

Food coloring (optional)

A pot

A spoon

A pencil or a chopstick

? First of all ask an adult to sterilize the paperclip and the jar by placing them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. While this is happening, you can prepare the string.

? When the water is boiling, ask the grown-up to hold the string in the steam to moisten it. When it is moist, roll one half of it in a little sugar.

? Once the jar and the paperclip are sterilized, think carefully about where you put them. You want them to stay sterile!

? Boil a cup of water in the pot. Don't forget to get an adult to help.

? While you are waiting for the water to boil, attach the paperclip to the sugared end of the string.

? When the water is boiling, slowly add two cups of sugar, and carefully stir the mixture. Watch out for splashes - the mixture is very hot.

? The sugar should almost totally dissolve. Don't worry if there is a little bit that won't. When you have dissolved as much sugar as possible, you can add food coloring.

? Pour the mixture into the jar. Be careful that any undissolved sugar stays in the pot. The mixture is very hot, so make sure an adult helps you.

? Hold your string up next to the jar. You want the paperclip to be submerged in the water but not touching the bottom of the jar. Tie the string to the right length on to the pencil or chopstick.

Science Journal 科學日誌

Examine some sugar. What kind of shape are the sugar crystals? Why do you think that is? Is sugar a solid? What other solids do you think are made of crystals? What do you think will happen if you dissolve the crystals and then allow the mixture to evaporate? Will the resulting solid be made up of crystals or not?


? Place the pencil over the jar so the paperclip is submerged. Don't let it touch the sides or the bottom.

? Cover your jar to protect it from dust. Put it in a dry, safe place at room temperature. Now here's the hard part ... you'll have to wait for a week for your candy to grow!(catherine Thomas, staff writer)





一些細繩 (必須要有較粗的表面,而且長度要與瓶身ㄧ樣長)



食用色素 (選擇使用)




? 先請大人幫你將迴紋針與廣口瓶放入水中煮沸殺菌約十分鐘。在此同時,你可以準備細繩。

? 當水沸騰時,請大人將細繩放在蒸汽中將它們潤濕。細繩潤濕後,將繩子的一半沾上少許砂糖。

? 當廣口瓶與迴紋針都被消毒過後,注意它們放置的地方,因為你要保持它們無菌的狀態!

? 在小鍋子內煮沸一杯水。別忘了要請大人幫忙喔。

? 當你在等待水煮開的同時,將迴紋針夾在細繩沾有糖的一端。

? 在水滾時,慢慢加入兩杯砂糖,並且小心的攪拌混合糖水。小心別被滾燙的混合液濺到。

? 砂糖應該要幾乎完全溶解於水中。別擔心少部份無法溶解的砂糖。當大部分的砂糖都溶於水後,你可以加入食用色素。

? 將整個溶液倒入廣口瓶內。要注意少許未溶解於水的砂糖會殘留在鍋內。這個溶液很燙,所以你務必要請大人幫你喔。

? 將細繩保持在廣口瓶旁。你要讓你的迴紋針浸在水中,但是不要碰觸到瓶子的底端。將細繩另一端調至適當的長度並綁在鉛筆或筷子上。

? 將鉛筆置於瓶子上,這樣迴紋針就能浸泡於溶液內。不過,不要讓它碰到瓶身與瓶底。

? 將瓶子蓋住防止灰塵,並在常溫下放置於乾燥、安全的地方。此實驗辛苦的地方是,要耗時一星期才能製作出糖果。(翻譯:林亞蒂)

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