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Alligator on the loose 脫逃鱷魚

Reggie walks around at the Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles, US.

Photo: AP

The alligator in the picture is famous in Los Angeles. He was first seen in an LA park about two years ago. The city government worked hard to catch him, but he disappeared.

He finally was seen again about four months ago and was captured. He was put in a pen at Los Angeles Zoo in early August. About a week later, he escaped!

Zoo workers quickly began hunting for the alligator known as Reggie. He was found in the zoo, and the workers managed to catch him.

They said they think Reggie escaped by climbing a side wall in his pen.

"Reggie's a crafty alligator," zoo worker Jason Jacobs said.

Zoo director John Lewis said the zoo has taken steps to stop Reggie from escaping again.

"This alligator just keeps amazing us," Lewis said. "We are going to keep him under watch."

(Staff Writer, with AFP)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. disappear v.t./v.i.

消失 (xiao1 shi1)

例: The police say the bank robbers have managed to disappear.


2. pen n.

欄 (lan2)

例: "Don't lean over too much, or you might fall into the alligator pen," the zoo worker said.


3. crafty adj.

狡猾的 (jiao3 hua2 de5)

例: Foxes are very crafty animals and are known to eat farmers' chickens.


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