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Australian Aboriginal painting fetches record price 澳洲原住民畫作 拍賣創天價


The late Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri's masterpiece Warlugulong was sold last month at Sotheby's in Melbourne, Australia to a private dealer for A$2.4 million (NT$68 million). The painting was first sold in 1977 for just A$2,500 (NT$72,770).

It is one of five large canvases made by Tjapaltjarri between 1976 and 1979 in which he combined ceremonial ground paintings and topographical maps to depict his ancestral land in the Western Desert.

Sotheby's Aboriginal art director, Tim Klingender, said, "The painting, in my opinion, is one of the most important Australian paintings of the 20th century." He said it was "certainly one of the finest, most valuable and most important works by Tjapaltjarri still in private hands."






1. late adj.

已故的 (yi3 gu4 de5)

例: If the late John Lennon were still alive, he would tell you, "all you need is love."


2. masterpiece n.

傑作 (jie2 zuo4)

例: This painting is a masterpiece. Even kings would pay a fortune for it.


3. canvas n.

帆布 (fan2 bu4),油畫 (you2 hua4)

例: I painted a landscape with mountains and trees on the canvas. (我在油畫布上彩繪山林風景。)

4. certainly adv.

當然 (dang1 ran2)

例: I certainly know John is at home. I am here with him! (我當然知道約翰在家。我和他在一起!)

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