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Beep-la-la 上海禁鳴喇叭


Cars line the freeway in Shanghai, China, Jan. 30, 2007. 一月三十日,行駛在中國上海市高速公路的車輛。


Shanghai has banned cars from sounding their horns. But some drivers have thought of new ways to express themselves, the Shanghai Daily has said.

Shanghai started the ban last month. People using car horns can be fined up to 200 yuan (NT$862). Even police cars have been told they can only use their sirens in emergencies.

But some drivers have spent up to 800 yuan (NT$3,440) to make special horns. These horns use music or voice recordings. One taxi driver has a recording of a woman's voice saying, "Please mind the car, we are making a turn.'' Other horns play music, a bit like a ringtone.

But the police say all kinds of horns are banned. "The new rule covers any kind of horn blaring, no matter what it sounds like,'' said traffic police spokesman Sun Guofu.

It is thought that the police will soon start to take action against the new horns, too.








1. ban v.i. /v.t.

禁止 (jin4 zhi3)

例: Our school has banned soda and chips.


2. recording n.

錄音 (lu4 yin1)

例: No one answered the phone - it was just a voice recording.


3. ringtone n.

手機鈴聲 (shou3 ji1 ling2 sheng1)

例: Have you heard my cool new ringtone?


4. blare v.i. /v.t.

大聲響 (da4 sheng1 xiang3)

例: The music was blaring until 3am!


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