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Hotel may keep out straight people who threaten gays 威脅同志客群 異性戀被拒門外

Managing Director of the Peel Hotel, Tom McFeely, leans up against the hotel's bar in Melbourne, Australia, May 28, 2005.二OO五年五月二十八日,澳洲墨爾本皮爾旅館的常務董事湯姆.麥菲力斜靠著館內的吧台。

Photo: AFP

An Australian hotel with many gay customers can keep out straight people who may bother gay customers.

The manager of the Peel Hotel, in Melbourne, Australia, had to ask special permission from the government to keep out some straight guests.

The hotel said they were trying to stop some straight people who come to the hotel to insult or yell at the gay customers.

Normally, a company cannot keep people out because of their race, age or sexuality. But in this case, the hotel was called an exception.

The decision means that the hotel can keep someone out if that person might threaten the safety or comfort of other guests.

One group that looks out for human rights, Liberty Victoria, supports the decision. They said that straight people have many places to go, so it should be okay for the hotel to create a safe space for gay customers.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AFP)






支持這項決議的人權團體Liberty Victoria認為,異性戀者還有很多地方可去,所以皮爾旅館提供同志客群安全環境的做法並無大礙。



1. straight adj.

異性戀的 (yi4 xing4 lian4 de5)

例: AIDS is a problem among straight and gay communities alike.


2. permission n.

許可 (xu2 ke3)

例: I need my mom's permission to go to Dan's house.


3. exception n.

例外 (li4 wai4)

例: I normally wear white socks, but today's an exception. I'm wearing black ones.


4. human rights n. phr.

人權 (ren2 quan2)

例: Basic human rights include the rights to life and liberty.


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