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For crying out loud! 放聲大哭!

From left to right Sandy Leach, Martin Marlin and Morgan Son displlay their digital manikin babies. (由左到右)珊蒂李區,馬丁馬林和孫慶國展示電子娃娃。 照片:歐新社


Martin Marlin, 66, a middle school science teacher in the US, was driving on the freeway about a month ago when his mobile phone rang. "I picked up and said 'hi,' and somebody on the other end goes, 'Hey, wanna go to Taiwan?' And I said, 'Um, sure. Wait, who is this?'" Marlin told the Taipei Times.

The caller was from King Car Education Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO) promoting education reform in Taiwan. Morgan Sun, the executive director of the Foundation, had heard about Marlin's new teaching techniques on a tour of US schools. So Marlin and first aid instructor Sandy Leach came to Taiwan to share their skills with Taiwanese teachers and students.

Leach demonstrated high-tech, anatomically correct manikin babies that are revolutionizing domestic science curricula in the US. Boasting a digital interface on their backs, the babies are "programmed to cry at different times for different reasons," Leach said, encouraging Sun to hold one.

"Oh, I grandfather now [sic]!" Sun said while rocking a baby. Before Sun could finish his sentence, however, he accidentally dropped the 4.5kg doll with a resounding thud. The manikin's disturbingly realistic wailing kicked in, leaving the executive director with egg all over his face.

More babies then started crying loudly as members of the local press put down their tape recorders to reach out to them. "At this point, you must insert a key-card in the baby's back," Leach said. " But the trick is knowing which card to insert — there's a diaper-changing key, a feeding key, a burping key, etc. The baby will only stop crying when the key corresponding to its particular need is inserted," Leach added.


1. anatomically correct manikin n. phr.

擬真娃娃 (ni3 zhen1 wa2 wa5)

例: We use anatomically correct manikins in biology class.


2. digital interface n. phr.

數位介面 (shu4 wei4 jie4 mian4)

例: My keyboard has a digital interface.


3. resounding adj.

響亮的 (xiang3 liang4 de5)

例: He slammed the door with a resounding bang.


4. corresponding adj.

符合的 (fu2 he2 de5)

例: You have to match the vocabulary words to the corresponding photos.


Sun said the dolls are ideal teaching tools to promote responsible sexual behavior among the nation's youth, saying that once students understand the level of discipline required to care for a baby, they tend to approach sex with a more mature attitude. 

(max hirsch, staff reporter)


?』我就說『嗯,當然,等一等,你是誰?』。」 他對台北時報表示。







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