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Day of the Dead 墨西哥鬼節

Children play near a grave on the Day of the Dead in Rio Bravo, Mexico.
在墨西哥的Rio Bravo, 孩童在鬼節當天於墓旁玩耍。 (照片:美聯社)


These children are playing near a grave. Every year in Mexico people celebrate the Day of the Dead. In some ways it is a lot like Taiwan's Tomb Sweeping day. Tomb is another word for a grave.

Families go together to the family grave and they tidy it and decorate it with flowers. They also leave offerings of food and drink for the dead person.

Unlike in Taiwan though, in Mexico it is a very happy day. Families talk about their favorite stories about the dead person. The family enjoys a special picnic. Just like in the picture it is okay for children to play on that day.

Everyone gets candies shaped like skeletons. In some places people eat special bread with toy skeletons hidden inside. If you get the skeleton in your piece of bread then you are very lucky! (CATHERINE THOMAS, STAFF WRITER)

這些孩童在墓旁玩耍。每年在墨西哥,民眾都會慶祝鬼節(the Day of the Dead),有些方面跟台灣的清明節極為相似。「tomb」就是墳墓(grave)的另一種說法。





Today's Words 今天單字

1. grave n.

墳墓 (fen2 mu4)

例: We often go to put flowers on Grandma's grave.


2. offering n.

祭品 (ji4 pin3)

例: In Taiwan we leave offerings of food for our ancestors.


3. skeleton n.

骨骸 (gu3 hai2)

例: Mandy was very scared by John's skeleton costume!


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