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Sand art 沙之美

Have you ever gone to the beach to build a sand castle? Castles aren't the only thing that you can build with sand. Look at the giant face that this man has built in the sand.

Sand sculptures aren't like sculptures that are made out of stone. Stone sculptures will last for a long time, but sand sculptures get washed away by the ocean and the wind.

Sometimes it is sad to think that these pretty pieces of art can't last forever, but that is also a good thing. Because old sand sculptures are always being washed away, artists have to keep making new ones. You can never get bored of sand sculptures because there are always new and different ones to look at! (by Marc Langer, Taipei Times)



有時想到這麼美麗的東西無法永恆保存便有點感傷,但這其實也是一件好事,因為舊的沙雕總會被沖走,藝術家就得不斷出新招。你永遠不會無聊,因為總有不同的新沙雕可以看。 (藍孟翔,台北時報)

Quick Quiz

1. Stone sculptures ...

a. get washed away by the wind.

b. get washed away by the ocean.

c. last longer than sand sculptures.

d. don't last as long as sand sculptures.

2. Why do artists have to make more sand sculptures?

a. People get bored of the old ones.

b. The old one's last too long.

c. They get washed away.

d. They are always different.

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